our vision

AKASHA, the community of support, will build 2’000 bedrooms in 25 locations. Our living homes will be built in the most amazing location on this beautiful planet. We will support our five key pillars: family and youth, healing, business, art & expression, and nature & sustainability.


The world we live in has sadly turned human lives into an asset for a system that is making us lonely, stressed, unhealthy, unhappy….


● Our homes, became a commodity of speculation

● Our jobs, turning into a need for survival


Our communities will become the university for personal and collective growth. We believe communities have the power to be self-sufficient. Through a lifestyle of support and collaboration with others, we can enhance our natural life purpose: feeling joy, healing, growing and thriving. AKASHA is creating an open source blockchain of trust, that will empower aligned communities to collectively build sustainable spaces by…


● Supporting members’ participation and time exchange

● Sharing revenue to support a collective fund / pool

● Re-investing in projects within the community

● Decentralizing governance

● Decreasing the cost of living, trading and sharing resources

● Finally provide our citizens the “universal basic living” instead of a basic income


In order for this to happen, we first need to know who “we” are. An essential step in building collectively owned organizations is defining and strengthening the common bond – the unifying factor that binds people together. The first step on this journey is to simply connect with the people around us and continue the discussion on our ideas and intentions.

Family and youth

Having meaningful experiences with and for your family is essential. Connecting with other like-minded families and reconnecting with our inner child is part of a big liberation from existing society structures. Families shall yet again become the place for trust, inspiration and joy. Including the young generation in our communities is very essential. We want to be inclusive for any age categories as everyone benefits from a broad spectrum and different life situations and experiences.


In order to heal ourselves and others we need to create supportive environments. Homes where we can be in our true nature and create a harmony within ourselves and with nature and others.


We believe that ecological and economical sustainable communities are essential for the growth and prosperity of our members and AKASHA as a whole ecosystem. We encourage our members to be active in society and the business world, rather than disconnecting or even fighting existing systems. One main intention of AKASHA is that we are able to provide a “universal basic living” to our members – so they can focus on their passion and what they love, rather to focus on money or a job they don’t like.

Art & expression

Our lives and society structures became very “stiff”. The homes were living in are not supporting our inner longing for “craziness, art and expression”. It is crucial to liberate our potential and creativeness through: dance, art, music, expression and celebration. Just as we use to be as kids, AKASHA will be – if you want - the playground of your fantasy.


Living in harmony with and in nature is essential. AKASHA communities will be fully sustainable and as much self-sufficient as possible. For that we have experts in the field of architecture, sustainability, permacultures and technology. Sustainability is our focus also when it comes to financial freedom of our members and price value compared with other co-living or co-working concepts.

What we do


Build a platform that will enable co-creation and collective governance. Our living homes are built with the latest technology and sustainable standards. AI & blockchain will enable unique experiences and connections on the next level. Becoming a prime innovation and incubation network will create further value for all our members and stakeholders.


Our members co-own and co-create our communities. In mid-term we will be financial independent and community funded.


Collective and individual growth is crucial among our members. Together we create inspiration for our members and include also a broader network of like-minded people. We will become a role model for other communities.


The basic principle of our homes of support is it to be sustainable on all aspects: economical, ecological and cultural (the values and alignment of the citizen in our communities). We walk the talk, that is why we are investing lots of effort in the details of how our hardware and software will look like. Sustainability is the essence in creating the harmony within ourselves and among the others.


Becoming an innovation hub as well as a key player for role models and best practices for sustainable communities is our aim. Innovation is needed to solve many of our today’s problems. Living and working on common goals and innovation project will scale and move ideas faster. Collaboration and exchange in the technology field is very important. Our communities will become clusters of innovation in all different fields.


Along with innovation and collaboration we become a major incubation place for sustainable and community driven projects. For that we collaborate with external stakeholders: investors, universities, public and private sector. As our locations are globally spread we can also make usage of different trends and bring people for

community of the future

We are the community of the future striving to change the status quo to:

Our communities – not ordinary, like our members

Our communities of support are owned & driven by the community like a timeshare did in the past. The major part of your monthly payment is saving or amortization. This makes us also financially the most attractive co-living project on this planet.


Founders Circle,

a history of success

Marcel Gasser
CEO & Chief Inspiration Officer

Marcel dreamt always about a flexible and fair global housing / community system. He has travelled and lived in over 100 countries and has not found yet what we will build with AKASHA. Being a full time nomad since 4 years has challenged him, as the family of choice was missing many times. The game- and live-changing growth “university” build with and for like-minded being humans has become his big wish. Marcel is a passionate entrepreneur and was involved in many ventures as founder, mentor or business angel.

André Hammen
Technology & Governance

André is a serial entrepreneur and creative technologist with 15+ years of experience in product engineering. He is passionate about decentralisation concepts and building meaningful ventures, which create impact for humankind. André is the founder of Metamorph.io a Decentralized Venture Builder featuring a new sharing economy model for entrepreneurship and innovation

Alex Mrozinski
Business Development & Marketing

Alex is an entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in marketing, sales and growth hacking. He is passionate about disruptive tech, sustainability, digital nomadism, entrepreneurship, business culture and personal development. Alex serves as a Head of Business Development at MZ3 (2018), and is Co-Founder & CBDO at Hypergrowth Consulting (2018).

Damiano Ramazotti

CEO of WeTipp.com, an online platform that aims at helping non profits, grassroots organisations and co-working spaces engage their members by leveraging their passions and skills. Worked in the past as COO at Talent Garden, the leading European coworking space network in the digital sector. Experienced in the field of youth participation and intercultural dialogue, as trainer, project manager and facilitator. Developed dozens of international youth projects in the framework of European programs for youth. Co-founder of the NGO Binario Uno, the international network East West East. Passionate about active participation, photography, martial arts, rock climbing, wellbeing & meditative practices.

Paula Bublay
Community & Communications

Betting on entrepreneurship and cooperation to achieve a positive impact on society. Passionate about coliving and currently working on finding solutions that allow this growing ecosystem to develop in an equitable and sustainable way. MBA and Graduated in Public Relations and Publicity from the UCM. Marketing in Social Impact at Stanford.

Dima Sarle
Events & Startup Acceleration

CEO of ArcticStartup, the largest startup media and events organization in the Nordics & Baltics, which is on a mission to build communities. With five companies and one exit across a wide range of industries under his belt, Dmitri possesses a high level understanding of innate business processes that one would not find in textbooks. This helps Dmitri to take his goal of innovating the future of work and society - head-on. To this end, he co-founded Startup Europe Advisory board and spearheaded the launch of the #EUTechWriters group. Both of them help innovate the business ecosystems across Europe. Dmitri also takes an active role in supporting startups. He acts as a mentor in several startup accelerators (Vertical, Eye Focus, Nestholma), is often invited to keynote at events and helps promote startups through ArcticStartup and CoFounder publications. During his time at ArcticStartup, he grew the company from two people to thirteen and started several new initiatives to further connect European entrepreneurship communities: CoFounder Magazine, Reverse Pitching for Corporates, The Arctic15 Conference, Outhack Hackathons, Deal Room App, Media Honeypot Conference and more.

Chief of Architectural experience designer

Adi is an architect and a global citizen, her expertise is developing concepts for projects worldwide, focusing on design that generates experience and amplifies human well-being. Adi has over +8 years of experience in the field of architecture and design, she is a world traveler and the founder of the podcast "go out and talk to strangers".


building the community of

the future

We are looking for the first 100 people to join our founding circle in order to build our first 25 locations with 2’000 bedrooms where all together can co-create living homes as technology advanced, sustainable and scalable ecosystem. Our living homes will be built in the most amazing location on this beautiful planet. We will support our five key pillars: family and youth, healing, business, art & expression and nature & sustainability. Our communities will become the university for personal and collective growth.

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